Marketing services



Your marketing man at Love & Write is Andrés. If you are after sales release information, product launch information, events planning, social media call-outs or library talks Andrés will work with you to connect your vision to an audience.   

Marketing a book takes persistence, contacts and experience. Andrés has all of these in spades. With his understanding of marketing Rockpool Publishing books and authors to the book buying world, he crafts strong press releases and media posts throughout his network of contacts to attract publicity requests for online and print press.  


Before your product is launched we work with you on the marketing and pre-sales for your product.   From advance information sheets to press releases and complete marketing plans and ideas, we provide you with the full package to get the word out about your new release in a big bang.



One of the many reasons to come on board with Love & Write Publishing is that you retain full control over your brand and can work with our team to build an effective campaign to promote your product, image and your business services.    

Whether your goal is to speak at a Mind-Body-Spirit Festival or build your presence through the speaking circuit, we will work with you to make your goals a reality.

For more information about our Marketing Services, just get in touch.

What our authors say

I love working with Andrés at Love & Write because it enables me to maximise the exposure of my product, The Box of Inner Secrets, by not only presenting at the major Mind Body Spirit Festivals throughout Australia, but also creating other channels through social media to share my book with the world.

The festivals are giving me the platform to build my audience, paving the way for new readers to connect with me and my work on a much larger scale. The opportunity to expand my presence and to stretch myself as an author through holding webinars and developing a practitioner training program is helping me realise my goal in partnering with people on their journeys of self-discovery through The Box of Inner Secrets.  

- Leonie Blackwell  (Author of The Box of Inner Secrets)